Monday, December 20, 2010


Little Boy Blue...

i finally got around to doing the end table that came with the set that was given to me.
i didnt want to do it the same color as the dresser as i was putting it in a different room. i love how it came out and especially love the color. when working on the
end table as you will see in the before pictures the top had candle wax dripped on it i tried to clean it and it just scratched up the thick plexiglass that is on the top. So i went to lowes and had them cut another piece. the top cost $15 dollars but the endtable was free. for the shadow box on the top of the table i was inspired by a christmas tree that i had seen when browsing the blogs...

i loved the vintage clock faces that were hung on the tree at the cottage gals.i also saw another lady make her own on bargin hoot.
this is what my little end table looked like

 and the dreaded candle wax...

the process...

and after...
i crated my own little clock faces to
enclose in the shadow box on the top.

i love the way it turned out...
and i made a few extra clock faces for my tree..


  1. That table is really cute. I love the clock faces!

  2. Ha Lauren, the one post I didn't comment on, I actually came to see, from 2 weeks ago, WHEN you linked up to my party, AND I came to tell you that I am FEATURING you and "Little Boy Blue" today, can you beat it.

    I'm telling you your stuff, is awesome, and I picked it right out, of those projects. :)

    Now come grab yourself a FEATURED button, and display it proudly girl!!

    Bella :)

  3. Super cute! Great job! Love the little clock faces under the glass.