Sunday, January 23, 2011


as i was looking over my blog today i realized that when i posted my
redo of the Little Red Writing Desk i only included one
after picture. i dont know why but i updated the page and included a few more....

check them out....


  1. Wow do I ever love that. What a neat desk to. I didn't know there was actually ever a desk that looked like that. So cool. And the red is awesome as well as the hardware. Sweet!!!

  2. I just checked out that red desk and it is amazing. I love it and I adore red. Thanks for stopping by and I hope when you have any more makeovers that you will link to my weekly party. It is on Wednesdays with the link up on Tuesdays. I love to see furniture makeovers since I have realized that I love doing this too.

  3. That desk is awesome! Course, I love anything red! Thanks for stopping by...can't wait to look at the rest of your transformations!