Sunday, January 23, 2011


i was given this cork board along with other pieces of funiture which i've shared some of the 
makeovers with you. nothing was wrong with the corkboard im just not a fan of white. and its a very sterile white. i wanted it to match the chair which i redid in a martha stewart color called feather duster. it will be in the same room as the chair and i wanted it to match. i needed some cool tacks to use with my board and i had some little typewriter buttons from a previous project. i decided to glue regular thumb tacks to the back of these and create my own tacks.

i also thought of a cute way to display the tacks on my desk as
a holder

i also glued tacks to the backside of some clothspins so i could use these on my memo board as well...
i've seen some ideas about decorating the clothspins on other blogs.. eventually i'll get around
to doing this to mine.

this is what the board
looked like

and after...

painted and filled 
with todo's and

it was hard to get good pictures of this board as it was so long...
but now ill be able to make some of the cute things ive seen on other blogs for memo boards


  1. The clothespin glued to the tack is a genius idea! I am totally borrowing it:)

  2. That looks great! I love the typewriter keys...I've seen them on a couple of other people's projects and I just think they are so charming.